IDENTIDADE, PRÁTICA E REPRESENTAÇÃO: reflexões sobre a contribuição da Nova História Cultural ao estudo do movimento pentecostal


  • André Dioney Fonseca Mestrando — PPGH/UFGD. Bolsista CAPES Grupo de Pesquisa em História Religiosa e das Religiões (CNPq).



Nova História Cultural, Identidade, Prática, Representação, Movimento Pentecostal,


In this article we reflect about the contribution of New Cultural History of studies of thePentecostal movement in Brazil. Therefore, after a brief explanation of important concepts such as identity,representation and practice and the context in which they arose in the Humanities, the present debates on therules of "uses" and "customs" in the Assembly Church with the intent to demonstrate the tactics undertakenby the Church in the last decade of the twentieth century, in response to pressures that marked the Brazilianreligious field. From this analysis, we show that the Assembly of God (contrary to what was said by manyresearchers), tried to fit the religious field, changing its practices and representations intending to reinforcetheir identity at times when it was in risk.


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